Unusual Delicacy

A science of farewell,

a theurgy of goodbye.

An antithesis yet continuation to Plastic Flora, Unusual Delicacy find itself captured with the understated complexity of orchids—its poetic language of human corporeality.

Unusual Delicacy is an inquiry towards losing and temporary state of being; about how to come to terms with temporality and letting go one’s hold to it.

For centuries, alchemists have seek to unravel the question of mortality. Our dread of imparmanence has led us to pursue ways in preserving one’s beauty and existence.

But unlike the alchemists, Unusual Delicacy does not seek to blandly eternizes the orchids. In contrary, it moves past such material question. Using the process of electrifying, the orchid petals’ particles are given up to the metallic ions surrounding it, and thus, letting them dissolve and fuse into their golden shrouds. This paradoxical process of letting go transforms the once frail, vulnerable state into something more perdurable. Somewhat it emerges in a different form, yet endures perennially—immortal.

As if dismissing human’s strange obsession on permanence and certitude, Unusual Delicacies copes with our own transience and turn such finality into a more hopeful note

—that in losing, we somehow found things.