Gratitude should be easily shown and uncomplicated. If any, it should be said with sincerity and ingenuity, not with grandeur and extravagance.

‘Untitled’ is an expression of such: a humble token of appreciation, made especially for those dear to our hearts—understated, unpretentious, unconditional.

We have arranged this little bouquet from the ocean, the very cradle where we come from—pearls from her casket, tourmaline from her gardens, citrine from her hearth. A modest offering, like mother’ silent prayer for her daughters and sons—of good lucks, protection, love. A simple gesture that acts as a gentle, if not tender, reminder to our roots—that however far we sail, home lies where our heart is.

Now take your sweats and tears, put them in a bowl, and let the mother of all waters wash them away. You have made it this far; now, it is time for you to come home.