a black sheet of paper in front of your eyes

with no lights

with no images

no memories

or imagination coming through

We dream of things—of dark places, obscure depth, and subterranean desires. Dreams are a place where our subconscious meets the sentience; where carnal impulses emerge to be deciphered and understood.

But what is underneath; what is submerged beneath the cryptic symbols and surreality? Closure dives through the trenches of human psyche to discern the basal philosophy that it subtly speaks.

The slithering scales of reptilian form—a semiotic language for caution—embodied in dainty pieces of bijouterie; a sublime warning of menace and peril. Again questioning human obsession on what lies beyond our closing eyes, Closure argues the efficacy of reflection—is it truly gainful, or are we truly merely fetishizing our own fears in dispense of a rewarding resolution?

Closure transcends from this profundity with a sense of conviction: dwelling beneath angst will not transpire survival—we only feed the monsters of our ego. As eerie as it is, these spirit animals are an ethereal guide to overcoming our demons, stripping out of our ephemeral skin, and staring at our own naked Self in the eye.

Eventually, closure is the ultimate finale. How we concludes it is what truly matters.