Customer Care


  • Customers go to the desired product page by clicking on the product image.
  • If a product is available, please fill in the order form stated.
  • For the product with pre-order information, please fill out the form available on the relevant
    product page.
  • MAHIJA is not responsible for mistakes or misunderstandings made by the customer. This
    includes, but is not limited to colors, shapes, finishing, materials, etc. For more information
    about our products, please contact us.
  • All MAHIJA payments are made through BCA 4451811457 a.n. Galuh Anindita.
  • Customers cannot cancel orders after payment is received.


  • Deliveries are made using JNE expedition with YES service or POS Indonesia, and EMS for international shipping, 1-3 days after order confirmation.
    Holidays, natural disasters, and pandemic can affect the schedule and speed of delivery.
  • If customers want the delivery done with another expedition or services, please write in the
    'notes' column when ordering.
  • MAHIJA is not responsible for orders/packages after they have been shipped. However,
    MAHIJA will help with package tracking, but it is the customer's duty to contact and follow up
    with the delivery service.

Product Care

  • Brass, copper, silver and gold pated jewelry will slowly tarnish over time. This is normal.
  • The color and finish on the product may vary slightly due to lighting conditions and screen brightness.
  • Plated jewelry should not be worn in swimming pools, sea, when bathing or when using make up, perfume, or hairspray. The products should be worn the latest and released at the earliest.
  • Be careful with the gemstone and diamond on it, avoid friction between the jewelry and other objects.
  • Eventually the metal may be exposed to the elements due to regular wear and that will result in some color shifts. This is normal.
  • Invest in polishing cloth. It can remove the tarnish, and leave a nice shiny luster afterward.
  • For a deeper cleanse on your silver, copper, and brass jewelry, you can also clean the jewelry using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste/ brasso/ silvo. To do so, gently scrub the jewelry in soapy warm water then gently wipe with a soft cloth to dry it well before storing it.
  • For gold-plated jewelry, it is recommended to clean the jewelry using soft cotton or polishing cloth. Wipe it gently to remove dirt/ dust and keep it shiny.
  • Store the jewelry covered in a clean and dry place.

After Sales Treatment

  • For every purchase, customer will get a warranty card that is valid for six months.
  • Treatment which are covered by the warranty: product restoration and cleaning.
  • Kindly fill in the form on Product Treatment page.
  • We will contact to confirm the required treatment.
  • Shipping costs to and from MAHIJA's studio are borne by the customer. We recommend that
    the product is sent in the original MAHIJA packaging.
  • The cost of re-maintaining the product (which is not covered by warranty or once the warranty is over) is borne by the customer. The amount of the fee depends on the product maintenance needs, unless the product is still in warranty.
  • We will contact customer via email/WhatsApp to confirm when the product is ready to be sent back.